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Deck Sanding & Maintenance Bondi


Deck Saver provides a 3-stage sanding process when undergoing timber deck restoration in Bondi. Our services include a sanding technique that uses increasingly finer grit to make a smooth surface that is more resilient to wear and more accepting of finishes. All our skilled and experienced tradesmen are fully licensed and insured so you can have confidence in the work we do.

Deck Maintenance in Bondi


How can we help you?

Full coarse and fine sanding

Full coarse and

fine sanding

Deck Lacquering/Coating & Painting in Bondi

Lacquering/Coating & Painting

Repair & replacement of rotten boards

Repair & replacement

of rotten boards

Deck Lacquering/Coating & Painting in Bondi

and Much more..


Beware of Pressure Washers


We use a sanding process to expose bare wood of your deck instead of pressure washing, and we hope that you don’t use a pressure washer either. Firstly, they can be very damaging to you or your property during an accident. The water is so strong it can damage brick and mortar so just imagine what it can do to you or a pet who inadvertently gets in the way.


The water is driven further into the grain than normal exposure to rain. The water deep in the wood can increase the chances of rot and warping. Because the water gets deep inside the wood, it can look completely dry on the outside but still contain a considerable amount of moisture on the inside. If finishes are applied while the wood is still drying, it can cause the finish to fail which leaves your wood unprotected.


A power washer can easily damage the wood of your deck because it can create splintering and gouges in the wood. A common type of damage power washers create on wood is a surface that looks like fur which would require sanding to correct. We skip the damaging effects of pressure washing and only use deck sanding in Bondi.


How to Choose the Right Finish for a Deck Restoration in Bondi 

The most important job of your deck finish is to protect it from damage created by moisture, so a water repellent is a must. They can be clear, semitransparent, or a solid colour. Some finishes penetrate the wood like a stain, and others create a film over the top of the wood like paint.


Finishes that penetrate come with a variety of additives that guard against damage from specific threats. For example, they can contain additives that combat UV damage or inhibits mildew growth. If you live in an area that is plagued by termites or other pests, you may want one that includes an insecticide.


Paints and other filmed coatings protect against moisture by creating a solid cover for the wood. One advantage of paints is the variety of colours from which you can choose. We do not recommend varnishes or lacquers because they are quickly affected by UV rays.

Even though coatings provide protection, you will still need deck maintenance in Bondi. Areas will show weathering and wear at different rates, and regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs later. If you are interested in deck restoration in Bondi, contact Deck Saver, and we’ll come out to give you a free consultation.

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