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Sydney Eastern Suburbs Deck Maintenance 


Affordable Deck Sanding & Restoration

Sydney’s climate has mild winters and hot summers. Due to the location near the ocean, there aren’t extreme temperature fluctuations. However, the city and surrounding areas are still classified as a humid subtropical climate. Rain typically occurs in the early part of the year, but there is no official rainy season. The combination of rainfall, with extreme heat, the suburban and ocean environments and a generally humid climate can wreak havoc on your deck.


The moisture and heat combination can be particularly harsh to a wood deck. The water weakens the wood’s structure, so it is unable to withstand the sun’s harsh summer rays causing fracturing and splintering. We know a beautiful deck is a significant monetary investment in your home, and no one wants to spend that much money and have to rebuild within a few years.


How can we help you?

Full coarse and

fine sanding

Lacquering/Coating & Painting

Repair & replacement

of rotten boards

and Much more..


Tips for Deck Restoration in the Eastern Suburbs


Unless your deck is unsound structurally, you can likely revive the weathered wood. Deck Saver recommends speaking with a knowledgeable professional before spending money, to ensure you have considered all your options and to get the optimal solution for your particular situation.


Sanding your deck in the eastern suburbs is Deck Saver’s preferred method for deck restoration. We do a triple sand, which uses progressively finer grit paper to remove the old paint or stain, splinters and lets the beauty of the bare timber shine through. We will replace any boards that cannot be salvaged and remove loose nails or screws. Prior to sanding, any nails or screws extending above the wood surface will be fixed to prevent scrapes and cuts and avoid detraction from the ambiance a beautifully refinished deck creates.


What Sets Deck Saver Apart?


Deck Saver performs all the work in-house, we don’t use subcontractors, allowing us to provide you with the absolute best price for your job. We have worked in the construction industry for over eight years and are well versed in the various styles and nuances of decking, including stairs, seating, and railing. Following completion of your eastern suburb deck restoration project, we will do ongoing maintenance to help extend the “brand-new” look in addition to extending the overall deck lifespan. We are also a sole trader company, so you work with the company owner from the initial consultation throughout the maintenance period.


Additionally, sanding or refinishing your deck is more environmentally friendly because you're maintaining existing wood, not causing additional destruction to forests by requiring more timber. Similarly, you are maintaining the value of your home and deck by not replacing a natural wood product with a cheaper “composite” that will not last as long and causes additional pollution and environmental concerns throughout its manufacturing process.

If seasonal wear and tear have your deck in the eastern suburbs needing some maintenance call us on 0438 126 786 to discuss your options. You can also complete the online form at your convenience, and we will contact you. Let us return your deck to its original beauty and begin enjoying time outside with family and friends.

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