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Kensington Deck Maintenance 


Restore your Kensington Deck with Deck Saver

Your deck is exposed to the elements year-round, which is why it makes sense to get in the habit of keeping up with annual deck maintenance if you have not already done so. By making sure your deck is regularly maintained, you will protect your deck from damage and may be able to forestall the need for expensive repairs. To get maintenance and deck restoration in Kensington you can trust, you need Deck Saver, a fully licensed and insured company with years of industry experience.

Image of Timber Deck Staining in Kensington


How can we help you?

Full coarse and fine sanding

Full coarse and

fine sanding

Deck Lacquering/Coating & Painting in Kensington

Lacquering/Coating & Painting

Repair & replacement of rotten boards

Repair & replacement

of rotten boards

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and Much more..

Why Your Deck Needs Regular Sanding and Staining to Maintain its Look and value


When many homeowners notice their deck has gone grey and lost its previous lustre, their first instinct is often to get out the pressure washer or hire a company to do the same. This practice, however, could be a potentially costly mistake that may do far more harm than good. Instead of subjecting your deck’s expensive hardwood to harsh pressure washing, it could likely benefit from deep and thorough deck sanding by Kensington-area professionals.


Unless you are a professional construction worker, you probably don’t want to put in the time and effort each year to properly maintain your deck the way it truly deserves. Sanding goes beyond regular light cleaning, which is a good idea to protect your deck’s overall appearance and its coating and involves intensive sanding back to bare timber before any additional staining is applied. Unlike some companies that will skip the three necessary stages of deep sanding to restore a deck’s look to its original appearance, and who will instead strip the coat and get straight to deck staining, your Kensington-area deck deserves a little more TLC.


How to Get Professional Sanding and Deck Staining Done in Kensington


Deck Saver is a sole trader that provides high quality deck sanding and restoration services throughout Kensington without relying on subcontractors. When you contact us, you’ll be dealing with the owner directly, which means we can pass on the savings to you. We have helped many happy customers get the regular deck maintenance in Kensington they need and are happy to offer you the same services that will help protect your deck for life.


With over eight years in the construction industry, we have the experience and know-how to provide a quality job every time. We also pride ourselves on providing the best possible service from the time you receive your free quote to the finished product—a deck you can enjoy all year round. Instead of spending hours trying to maintain your deck by yourself, or subjecting your deck to potentially damaging quick fixes, you can protect your deck and help maintain its value by using our professional, fully licensed and insured services.

Contact us today to get started with your free quote, or with any questions or other enquiries you may have regarding our services. We look forward to helping you protect the life of your deck, so you and your family can enjoy it for many years to come.

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