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Deck Restoration in North Sydney

Deck Saver understands that your deck adds value to your home and the quality of your life. People enjoy their outdoor spaces by relaxing, entertaining friends and family, preparing and enjoying meals, and so much more. You chose your home or built your deck because you wanted to reap the benefits your deck provides. We want to make sure you can continue to enjoy your deck for years to come with deck maintenance in North Sydney.

Deck Maintenance in North Sydney


How can we help you?

Full coarse and fine sanding

Full coarse and

fine sanding

Deck Lacquering/Coating & Painting in North Sydney

Lacquering/Coating & Painting

Repair & replacement of rotten boards

Repair & replacement

of rotten boards

Image of Timber Deck Bench with Text Offering Other Deck Restoration Services in North Sydney

and Much more..

Benefits of Deck Restoration in North Sydney


Sun, moisture, and foot traffic will affect your deck over time, but we can keep your deck looking great and feeling smooth with our deck restoration in North Sydney. A deck is a substantial investment and maintaining it is much more cost-effective than replacing it. The longer the wood goes without protection and care, the more extensive the restoration process will become.


As the deck ages it starts to lose its aesthetic qualities, but when your deck is restored, it regains the new and clean look it had when it was first built. A fresh-looking deck will add to the visual appeal of your whole property. During the process, we will replace broken, rotten, or warped boards as well as sand down to bare wood, and we add the coating of your choice. We invite you to view our gallery so you can see the differences our services make.


Restoring your deck will help prevent other issues that can arise over time such as rot, warping, and splitting. We provide a three-stage sanding process that exposes the bare wood underneath the old stain or paint. By exposing the wood, the sealants or finishes you choose can adhere better and provide better protection from future damage.


When wood ages it can split and create splinters which can become lodged in hands and feet. Children are particularly susceptible because of their tendency to run around barefoot and run their hands along railings. Deck sanding in North Sydney helps prevent the wood from splintering, which keeps your family safe.

Tips for Keeping Your Deck Looking Great and Extending its Life


If your deck had extensive damage, you might want to take steps so that it never reaches that point again. We can provide regular maintenance so it continues to look great year after year, or you can take some steps yourself. For example, you want to keep your deck clean of debris because dirt is abrasive and can wear the finish more quickly.


You can also wash your deck to help keep it looking like new. There are various products on the market for decks, or you could use soapy water. You don’t want to use wire brushes because they can remove the finish and expose your wood to the elements. If you have any questions about timber deck restoration in North Sydney or tips on how to keep your deck looking beautiful, request a free consultation or quote via the form below and we'll get back to asap! 

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