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Deck Restoration Sydney

What are the benefits of deck restoration?

There are few better ways to restore the look of an old timber veranda or deck than with good old-fashioned sanding. Why then do so many Sydney residents resort to potentially damaging pressure washing, coat stripping, or even going as far as completing an unnecessary deck rebuild? There is a better way. When you hire Deck Saver, you can get the deck maintenance your Sydney deck deserves and potentially save money by preserving and extending the life of your family’s favourite outdoor space.

Deck Saver - spotted gum deck partly sanded beore
Deck Saver - spotted gum clear coat
Deck Saver - Merbau step before
Deck Saver - Merbau steps after

Deck Sander & Restoration Sydney

How can we help you?

Full coarse and

fine sanding

Lacquering/Coating & Painting

Repair & replacement

of rotten boards

and Much more..

How a 3-Step Sanding Process Can Add Years to Your Deck’s Life


Few things can add value to a home or provide as much enjoyment for the entire family than a beautiful timber deck complete with handsome and durable hardwood boards. Yet, over time, most decks will begin to look a bit worse for wear. Exposure to the harsh summer sun and other weather conditions can cause any hardwood deck to look a dull or faded, and any accumulated dirt or debris can make your deck’s natural colour or stain appear less vibrant. Because of this, you’ll need to remove this layer of grime and wear before doing any deck staining on your Sydney property to truly restore its original look and value.




                         Before and After - Surry Hills


Properly sanding your deck before doing any refinishing is the best way to protect it against the elements and to remove the damage done by time. It is also the least damaging way to deal with staining that has begun to peel or to get rid of unsightly scratches. To best protect your investment, your deck should be sanded using an intensive three-step process that gradually removes any existing staining or coating until just the bare timber remains. This form of careful deck restoration is the best way Sydney homeowners can extend the life of their deck and forestall potentially costly board replacements.







                        Before and After - Vaucluse


Professional Deck Sanding in Sydney


At Deck Saver, we understand that the best way to maintain and restore the look of your timber deck is to avoid potentially damaging quick-fixes, such as pressure washing or coat stripping. After all, you wouldn’t pressure wash your indoor wood floors or furniture, would you? There’s no reason to subject your valuable deck to the same harsh treatment. That’s why we recommend and provide carefully done deck sanding for all Sydney area homes. We also provide high-quality deck sealing and staining services that further protect your deck from wear and help it to look it's very best. For examples of some the work we have done for our previous happy customers, be sure to check out our gallery.

When you contact us, you’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from the company owner, who can provide you with a free quote and who will carry out the work directly from start to finish. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our service and can get things done right away. For quality service and workmanship done in the Sydney area, trust none other than Deck Saver, your deck restoration and maintenance professional.

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