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Decks are an expensive investment, no one wants to pay thousands of dollars to build a deck only to watch it erode in the harsh Australian weather. By sanding your deck to bare timber we get rid of all the old coating and build up and it gives us a blank canvas to work with. Do not settle for pressure washing as this uses dangerous chemicals and does more damage to your timber by ripping open the vital fibres that prolong the life of it.

 We love finding the right solution for every situation, and are not deterred by a little challenge!

 We Also Do:

  • On-site quoting, letting you know exactly what you're in for 

  •  Full coarse and fine sanding of decking  

  • Full coarse and fine sanding of steps, feature walls, fascias and handrails  

  • Coating decks and timber structures  

  • Repairing and replacement of damaged boards

  • Flattening of cupped boards 

  •  Nail punching   

  •  Advice on maintenance, product selection and prolonging the life of your deck 

  • Ongoing deck maintenance

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